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June 2021   


Bridging The Digital Divide In Wealth Management

To measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wealth management industry, FactSet in association with Aon conducted its fourth consecutive global survey of 800 high net worth (HNW) investors to better understand the triggers and drivers that are shaping our “new normal” today and in the future. With no end in immediate sight to market uncertainty, wealth managers and advisors will have to reflect and re-frame their role and purpose relative to what their HNW clients need now.


In Hedged Equity, The Capture Ratio Is The Key To Effective Diligence

The Hedged Equity investment space makes a very promising offer: the balance of Growth and Downside Protection in the same portfolio. It is a compelling promise. But it is not a coincidence that the strategies in this space that are growing fastest are the ones with the highest Capture Ratio. And the strategies with the lowest Capture Ratios are losing investor interest. Learn the best practice techniques for evaluating and selecting the best Hedged Equity strategies.

How To Incorporate Health Care Costs Into Retirement Planning

Albeit not the normal part of your typical retirement and financial planning conversations, planning for the costs of health care as clients enter and live in retirement could be one of the most important things you can do as a financial professional.

Liquidity: Historic Gains Lead to Marginal Drains

Matt Lloyd looks at the myriad of liquidity measures and what the draining from gains does to asset prices and fiscal and monetary responses.

Selecting the Right Technology to Scale Your Firm Sustainably

As advisory firms scale, so does their complexity. Tech stacks that may have worked in the early stages of firm growth may not be able to support teams operating at scale. That's why now more than ever, it is important for firms to accurately define their needs and requirements when selecting new technology to support their goals and vision.

In this eBook, we’ll cover some of the complex technology demands to consider and the right approach to take to build a scalable tech stack and a solid technology foundation.