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The Value of Intentionality & Training To Succeed with Erin Botsford (Ep 9)

About the Episode:

When someone says you can’t achieve something, think of it as an initial push to prove them wrong.


In this episode, Barron’s Top 100 Advisor Erin Botsford, CPF®, details her experience in the financial services industry while mentioning what motivated her to keep striving for success. Erin details her passion for coaching and how she uses training as a tool to give back to the industry and help advisors grow their businesses and succeed.


Erin Discusses: 
• How creating goals and having an achievement-like mindset can contribute to your success
• Strategies financial advisors can use to support clients and prospects
• Her Spend The Day program and how it supports advisors with their business growth
• Advisor mentorship as a key to business success
• And more


About Our Guest:
Erin Botsford, CPF®, is driven to help financial advisors serve more clients, make more money, and have more freedom in their business with the right training and tools. Her passion is seeing other financial advisors grow their businesses and succeed. This is why she has created an accessible and easy-to-follow course, so you can condense decades into days with the right tools and systems to give you true freedom in your business. 

About Our Host:
Melissa Carter trains entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate execs, and home-based professionals to reach their fullest potential. Melissa has appeared on radio, television, podcasts, and in print throughout the nation, and has served as a speaker for many corporate and charitable events to discuss the benefits of using media as part of their business strategy.


As a member of morning radio shows for nearly 20 years, Melissa could be heard on 99X, Q100, and B98.5 in Atlanta. She also served as a Co-Host on Westwood One’s “Radio with a Twist." For these media efforts, Melissa was awarded the Atlanta Dream/SunTrust Inspiring Woman Award, the HRC Community Leadership Award, and the CHRIS Kids Kyle Anderson Service to Youth Award.

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